About me

About me

Hi, Iā€™m Guus Noij a Front-end developer living in Nijmegen - The Netherlands.
I currently work as a lead front-end developer at Perplex Digital Bv. in Arnhem.
You can check my Resume here:

Little bio

Born in The Netherlands in August 1996, I've always had a natural affinity for computers and the internet. Growing up alongside the evolution of technology, I discovered my passion for creating things on the computer. This realization led me to pursue a degree in Communications and Multimedia design, culminating in my graduation in Visual Design with a focus on UX design.
I kickstarted my career as a UX designer at Planon Software Bv, a major (web)software company. Along the way, I recognized the pivotal role of a well-crafted front-end and a streamlined backend in shaping exceptional user experiences. This realization fueled my transition into front-end development, where I found great inspiration in the rapid innovations in front-end frameworks and their integration with UI design.
Beyond the digital realm, I find joy in the company of my two cats šŸ˜ŗ, nature walks, tending to my garden, and the meditative art of Bonsai šŸŒ³. Family time and hanging out with friends are also cherished aspects of my life.